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Brenzett Primary School

BrenzettChurch of England Primary School

'The Lost Sheep' Luke 15:4-7

Worship Leads

Worship Leaders – Job Role

Children from our Year ¾ Class can become Worship Leads, and they work across the school. Children do not have to be worship leaders to take on a role in worship – that is something that we expect of all children.

  1. Take an active part in Collective Acts of Worship:
    • Support the teacher running worship
    • Lead the gathering, lighting of the candle, prayer and sending
    • Choose appropriate songs on occasion
    • Our aim is for worship leaders to plan and lead some class worship
  2. To lead by example, demonstrating our Christian Values at all times, showing love and nurture to all members of our community.
  3. Monitor worship and collect pupil voice after assemblies led by visitors:
    • Complete observation sheets and file in the folder in Mr Sermon’s office
    • Feedback to Mr Sermon about what they feel could be done better
  4. Monitor acts of worship delivered by staff and each other
  5. Support other children, classes or key stages in their worship as requested by teachers
  6. Check that class and school prayer areas are up-to-date and relevant. Take photos and complete a Big Book of reflection and prayer areas.
  7. Support Mr Sermon in the writing of church services.
  8. Help to organise the running of special events in school
  9. Maintain the prayer garden
  10. In conjunction with the school council, raise issues that concern them, whether that be in school or on a global level, and decide what to do about it. This could take many different forms: organising an assembly, designing posters to raise awareness, or running fund-raising events.

We expect our worship leaders to behave in a way that truly reflects our school vision and the Christian values we live our lives by. They are continually striving to be the best they can be, as God intended.

Worship leaders have regular meetings with Mr Sermon and Les Carter. During these meetings, children discuss what is currently happening in school, and they want to do to continually improve. Bishop Rose has visited the school a couple of times and has talked to our worship leaders and supported them in delivering worship.

Our worship leads are formed into three groups who support Mr Sermon, teachers, clergy and visitors to the school.

Our worship leads with Les Carter.