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Brenzett Primary School

BrenzettChurch of England Primary School

'The Lost Sheep' Luke 15:4-7

Policies and Documents

Many of our school policies are in the process of being updated.
As they are updated, they will be uploaded here in due course. 

Please see links to our current policies below and policies including Trust policies.

The admissions policy for 2025/26 is currently under consultation, and open for comment, between Friday 24th November and Friday 5th January 2024. Further information can be found by clicking on this link:

Our School vision and Values can be found here

  1. Anti-Bullying-Policy-Sept-2021.pdf
  2. Aquila Health & Safety Policy Statement2022.pdf
  3. Aquila Privacy Notice for Governors Trustees March 2022.pdf
  4. Aquila Privacy Notice for Job Applicants March 2022.pdf
  5. Aquila Privacy Notice for Parents Carers Use of your personal data March 2022.pdf
  6. Aquila Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers Use of your childs personal data March 2022.pdf
  7. Aquila Privacy Notice for Pupils March 2022.pdf
  8. Aquila Privacy Notice for Suppliers of Goods and Services March 2022.pdf
  9. Aquila Privacy Notice for the School Workforce March 2022.pdf
  10. Aquila Privacy Notice for Visitors and Volunteers March 2022.pdf
  11. Curriculum-rationale-2021-22.docx
  12. Dealing-with-Persistent-or-Vexatious-Complaints-and-Harassment-Policy-v2.pdf
  13. Equality Statement2021.pdf
  14. Freedom-of-Information-Policy-2019.pdf
  15. Gender-Pay-Gap-Report-2021.pdf
  16. Managing allegations against staff policy.pdf
  17. Maths.pdf
  18. Policy_Statement-_Brenzett_CE_Primary_School.pdf
  19. Risk-Management-Policy-2019.pdf
  20. Safeguarding-Procedures-Managing-Allegations-in-Schools.pdf
  21. Safer-Recruitment-Policy-2021.pdf
  22. SEN Inclusion Policy (00000002).pdf
  23. Aquila Behaviour policy 2022.pdf
  24. Admissions Policy 2024-2025.pdf
  25. Aquila Data Protection Policy 2022.pdf
  26. Aquila Data Retention Policy May 2021.pdf
  27. Aquila Email Policy May 2021.pdf
  28. Aquila Subject Access Request Policy May 2021.pdf
  29. Charging and Remisions Policy (FCP)2022.pdf
  30. whistleblowing policy 2023-34.pdf
  31. Uniform Policy 2023.pdf
  32. Aquila online_safety policy july_2023.pdf
  33. Information_sharing_advice_practitioners_safeguarding_services.pdf
  34. Aquila Data Protection Policy 2022.pdf
  35. BPN ECF Non-Standard Policy.pdf
  36. Jigsaw-guide-for-parents-and-carers RSE.pdf
  37. Brenzett-Aquila-complaints-policy-2023.pdf
  38. BPS-Admissions-2023-2024 (1).pdf
  39. Aquila-child-protection-and-safeguarding-23-24.pdf
  40. Aquila Proposed Admissions Policy 25-26.pdf
  41. Aquila Admissions Consultation Letter 2025_26.pdf
  42. BPS - English Policy.pdf
  43. Parents and visitors code of conduct policy 2023.pdf