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Governor News

Here you will find links to any information about our Governing body.
An ongoing blog of our Governor activities for this academic year...(and beyond!)

27 May 2021 - Joint Resources Group meeting - Online
Key topics discussed were:-
Health & Safety - Governors annual inspection of both schools. Pleased to report there are no major issues. At the request of the Executive Head separate inspections were undertaken of Breakfast Club and After School provision at Kingsnorth. HoS has subsequently met with After School provider to discuss recommendations. The annual inspections by our external advisors are both planned in June.
Financial - Discussions about future year budgets for both Kingsnorth and Brenzett, which are due to be submitted to the Trust for approval. Planned improvements to the toilets and replacement of outside canopy at Kingsnorth.
Staffing - An update on recent and future staffing appointments at both Kingsnorth and Brenzett.

Governors were pleased to hear that morale, amongst staff and children of both schools, was still high despite the challenges faced over the last 15 months.

8 April 2021 - Health and Safety Visits
There are 2 annual Health and Safety Audits undertaken, one by an external H&S Advisor employed by the Trust and the second by the School H&S Governors.  The decision to undertake it during the Easter holidays was ensuring that the "bubble" system in place was not compromised.
The audit incorporates, but not limited to, reviewing H&S documentation, statutory plant and equipment servicing and inspections and inspecting classrooms etc. We are pleased to report that both schools are in good shape with only one or two minor items to address.
You will appreciate that this has been a very difficult and challenging year and the Governors would like to place on record their thanks to Staff and Pupils for their continued diligence and to parents for your continued support.

25 March 2021 - Joint Local Governing Body - Online
The School Leadership Team updated us on the recent return to school and spoke with pride about how quickly the children had settled into school life again. Children had engaged well with online learning during the recent lock down, and this is evident in the progress that has been made. Both schools have been proactive in identifying where gaps in knowledge exist and have ensured their planning is effectively supporting those pupils where it is needed. 
Other matters discussed were: 

  • Pupil and staff wellbeing 
  • Health and safety  
  • Safeguarding 
  • Governor training and resources 
  • Relationships & Sex Education programme 
  • Staff pay policy

26 November 2020 - Joint Resources Committee 
The main items discussed during our meeting were as follows:
Health & Safety - concern was expressed about the situation at Brenzett School where members of the community have tested positive for Covid. As a result bubbles have collapsed and further action is being considered to regularise the situation.
Monitoring - in the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, monitoring was considered to be a low priority.  However, all governors are always available for discussion and advice.
Finance - new CCTV  to be installed at Kingsnorth and the existing system transferred to Brenzett.
Governors were pleased to hear that morale amongst staff at both schools is still high despite the unique pressures being experienced.  The Marsh Collaborative has donated towards well being of staff at Brenzett School which is particularly welcome at this difficult time.

13 October (Kingsnorth) and 14 October (Brenzett) - Annual Health and Safety Audit
Undertaken by our external Health and Safety Advisors, to ensure that COVID procedures/arrangements were at no time compromised. 
Items covered, but not limited to, included :-
- COVID procedures and arrangements
- Statutory inspections of plant and equipment
- Fire precautions and evacuation procedures
- Health and Safety documentation (inc COSH)
- General condition of the school buildings, playgrounds and other property.

We are pleased to report that both schools received the highest rating possible of GREEN.
It is good to know that both schools are in safe hands and thanks go to both site teams, SLT, teachers and support staff for providing, and maintaining, a safe environment.

15 October 20-20 - Joint Local Governing Body
This evening the full Governing body for Brenzett and Kingsnorth schools met online. We heard from the School Leadership Team how both schools are managing, adapting and performing since returning in September and how staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure pupils are safe, settled, engaged and eager to learn. As a Governor, it is always interesting to hear how flexible and innovative both schools are, and with the introduction of new measures under Covid 19 Regulations, it is evident how the schools have risen to that challenge. 

Other issues discussed were:

  • Pupil and staff wellbeing
  • Health and safety 
  • Ofsted visit to Kingsnorth 
  • Safeguarding updates from both schools 
  • Attendance and Inclusion
  • Governor training and resources
  • Promoting both schools for 2021 intake.

The next meeting is scheduled for December. In the meantime if you have any questions about the role of the Governing body, please see the schools' websites or contact the Clerk (

24 September 2020 - Resources Committee
We had the first resources group meeting of the new school year and it was great to see and hear how the school have been managing the continuous changes that are outlined by the government on a near enough weekly basis.

The new school year has started well in both schools with a high level of attendance. The children are all pleased to be back and see their friends as some had been out of school for 6 months. I was at Kingsnorth on the first day and it was like a carnival atmosphere and lots of smiling faces and I know it was similar at Brenzett.

The meeting covered a variety of items including health and safety, safeguarding, wellbeing and budgets. The governors were all pleased to hear that both schools had a clean bill of health by our external advisors who carried out a Covid inspection in July. This is a credit to all staff at both schools.

Both schools have had to spend a considerable amount on Covid, from extra cleaning products and hand sanitiser to signage and deep cleans. 

The governors acknowledged all the hard work that has been done in both schools to make them as safe as possible and will work with the school going forward as and when required.

21 September 2020 - Learning and Development Committee
I attended the first Governor Learning & Development Committee of the new academic year.
As governors we offer support, monitor the schools against their school improvement plans, and ensure that the schools we govern are providing a good quality of education.
At the meeting we heard from the Executive Headteacher on the progress of the schools between March and September and the resumption of schools to full capacity.
He acknowledged that it had been the most difficult time he had ever experienced in over 20 years teaching. He commended the school staff for the way they had coped and risen to the challenges faced during lockdown and since.
Both Heads of School provided reports on the first few weeks of the new school year and commented on how well the pupils had adapted to returning to school and thanked their staff for their continued hard work in such challenging times.
It was highlighted that the new measures put in place to ensure the schools are COVID secure had been received well by a number of external bodies when visiting the schools in recent weeks.
During the meeting we asked questions about how the pupils will be assessed following the lockdown period. It was shared that all pupils are currently being assessed so we can gain a idea of progress in pupils as a whole between March and September.
The meeting also covered other topics and was updated on various elements of school including staff and pupil wellbeing. It was reported that some staff are anxious about the risks to themselves and their families but are still attending school to provide education to pupils.
As governors we are fully supportive of everything the school is doing and ask that all parents show compassion to all school staff during these challenging times. They are doing an amazing job to ensure that our school is safe for all and providing high quality education for our pupils.
Mr Peter Le Rossignol - Governor

1 September 2020 - Back to School
Welcome back to our whole school community across both of our schools! We hope teh summer has been enjoyable and refreshing.

25th June - Covid-19
We attended school to monitor the Covid 19 arrival process against the schools Coronavirus Risk Assessment.  We are pleased to report that the process worked extremely well for all concerned. Staff were on hand to welcome pupils and parents/carers and the children appeared happy to be going into school. 
We are also pleased to report that both pupils and parents/carers followed "the rules"  set out to create a safe environment.

20 December 2019 - Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to everyone associated with the Kingsnorth and Brenzett CEP communities from all at the JLGB

Monday 11 November 2019 - School Service of Remembrance

The service was led by Reverend Jackie (curate) with a number of the pupils playing a prominent part.
The behaviour of all of the pupils was both impeccable and very respectful.


05 to 08 November 2019 – Yr6 French Residential Trip

I had the pleasure of accompanying Yr6 children from both Kingsnorth and Brenzett on their residential trip to France.  The trip gave children, and staff, the chance to experience life in a French School, where the children had the opportunity to use their French language skills. Visits were made to WW2 museums in Ambleteuse and La Coupole along with cultural visits to a boulangerie,  sweet factory and Auchan supermarket, where once again, the children got to use their French vocabulary buying food items for their lunch that day. Friday morning bought a more serious event with a visit to East Boulogne War Cemetery. The children were set the task of finding the headstone of a young man, born in Kingsnorth who sadly lost his life in WW1. The children then lead a Service of Remembrance at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where their behaviour was impeccable. On the  journey home we stopped off at Nausicaa Sealife Centre a most enjoyable way to end the trip. The trip was a great experience for the children and something that I feel they gained from. through a well thought out itinerary. Special thanks to the staff and volunteer adults for making it possible.