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Brenzett Primary School

BrenzettChurch of England Primary School

'The Lost Sheep' Luke 15:4-7

Attendance and Absence


The law requires all parents to ensure their child’s regular attendance at school. If your child is absent, please contact the school office each day by telephone by 8:30am on that day, and a supporting letter signed by the parent/guardian should be sent to the office. In cases where absences remain unexplained, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and may be referred to the Attendance Service.

Medical and Dental Appointments

Wherever possible please try to make appointments out of school hours. If your child needs to miss part of the day to attend an appointment, please write to the class teacher giving full details. Your child will need to be collected from the school office where they will be signed out and, if returning the same day, signed back into school.

Permanent/Temporary Disability

Any permanent or temporary disability which may affect performance, participation in PE/dance or any other school activity should be notified to the school in writing without delay. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure information that is essential to their child’s well-being is not withheld.


Children arriving late, even if only by a few minutes, should report to the school office where they will be signed in and escorted to their classroom.

Collection of Children from School

If you usually collect your child from school but are unable to do so on a particular day please contact the school office (before midday if possible) with the name of the person who will be collecting your child or provide a note for the class teacher. Please also contact the office if you are going to be late to collect your child.

Leave of Absence

Absence in term time will not be authorised except in very exceptional circumstances. Permission must be obtained in writing from the Headteacher. Unauthorised absence will be reported to the Educational Welfare Officer and a fine may be incurred. Absence results in missed work and disrupted teaching.


If your child becomes unwell during the day or if we have any concerns about an injury we will contact a parent. It is important to keep the school office up to date with any changes in contact details.