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Brenzett Primary School

BrenzettChurch of England Primary School

'Life in Abundance' John 10:10




Hello, and a very warm welcome to Acorn class!


My name is Miss Twomey, I am the reception class teacher here at Brenzett.  

Miss Knott is one of our Teaching Assistants (TA) who you will find making play-dough or enjoying a cup of tea in our role-play corner.

Miss Pullinger has really enjoyed settling in and getting to know all the children. You will definitely find her dancing around the classroom!

Here in acorns you will often find us in the garden digging up worms, making something amazing or practising our set 1 sounds in Phonics.

Below, you will find our weekly timetable filled with all the subjects and lessons for this term.

 Acorns Weekly Timetable for this term:


Please ensure all school uniform is clearly labelled.

Children will need a drinks bottle to be used in the classroom, please ensure your child arrives to school with one.

Children will need a full PE kit for Wednesday afternoons.

Please bring in Forest School kit (to be used on Wednesday's), which needs to include; long trousers, long sleeved top, a long sleeved jumper, a coat and welly boots. These can all be kept at school until the end of term.


Children have been sent home with a sound blending book. These are extremely beneficial for your child's development with their blending and segmenting of their CVC words they have been practising at school. Please ensure you read with your child every evening. Please sign and date after you have read with them, so we can keep up to date with how our little bookworms are doing with their reading during their early stages of reading for pleasure.




This term we will be joining the rest of the year groups in the reading raffle competition. The aim is, your child will read for 10 consecutive days at home ONLY. They will however, still be reading 3 times a week with an adult at school. After the 10 days of consecutive reading at home, your child will be awarded a bronze award, they will then complete another 10 days for their silver award and a further 10 days for their gold award. After this, they will be given a raffle ticket to be put into the draw to win a prize at the end of the term. The more they read, the more of a chance they have to win. HOWEVER.... if they miss a DAY.. they go back to the start on day 1. Please, please keep reading with your little one! 



In term 3 we will be learning...

 Our Topic this term is all about space! We will be blasting off into space this term learning about what it takes to be an astronaut, thinking what we will need once we arrive in space. Also, this term, we will also be exploring all the planets, as we soar through the galaxy back down to earth before half-term again!

In Literacy, we will be reading a variety of books that link to our topic for this term. We will be reading the stories as a class, discussing the elements of the story. These skills will develop children's understandings as they become familiar with reading for pleasure. Children will build on their writing by starting to write full sentences by the end of this term. 

In Numeracy, we will be continuing with our numbers to 10, comparing, representing, and composing these. Children have been developing their understanding of partitioning numbers 1-10, and as we delve deeper we are expanding our learning to independently form and write number sentences to 10. We will be exploring positional language this term whilst we build on all the concepts we have learnt so far. They are doing amazing!

In Child Initiated (Discovery time), children will be choosing and playing with resources that interest them. There will be great opportunities for children to bring their learning from Numeracy, Literacy and Topic into their play to deepen their understanding of all the elements in their subject knowledge.

In RE, we will be looking at 'Which stories are special and why?' (New Testament). We will be developing our thinking by discussing why Jesus is an important part of the Bible and Christianity. 

In PSHE, we will be looking at exploring our emotions and feelings, and that of others.

In Phonics, here at Brenzett we follow the Read Write inc (RWI) scheme. This term, we are re-visiting our set 1 speed sounds, beginning to compose letters and blend come consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words. E.G, cat, sat, put, mat, mud, dog, dad. Starting from this term, children have now been placed in groups which will help support and challenge their development whilst also building their confidence and understanding. 


Parents, please log in to your Seesaw accounts to access our online learning platform and keep up to date with everything we are getting up to every day. Remember, this is the quickest and easiest way to send and receive messages and updates to and from us.


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to talk to me, Miss Twomey. You can easily contact me using Seesaw, where I will be delighted to respond to any messages as quickly as I can. If necessary, catch me in the morning or after school if it is urgent.

Kindest regards,

Miss Twomey xx